Common Sense Construction

A Warren Bros. Signature Speciality

We always approach designing and building a home with a lot of common sense. We may apply it in construction techniques, like using a pump truck instead of pouring concrete directly from the mixer truck to get a better basement. It can be a design modification like lowering the height of a roofline to reduce square footage and material costs. At Warren Bros., our decades of experience, and, frankly, or own personal standards have driven us to constantly employ “common sense” processes … even when it’s not the easiest thing to do.

A lot of our “common sense” shows when your home is about 10 years old. While other homeowners are spending their money at the home improvement store and spending their Saturdays doing maintenance, Warren Bros. homeowners are appreciating the “common sense” difference.

We also know there is a balancing act between creating an elegantly styled home, and doing it with value in mind. You can count on Warren Bros. to keep your best interests in mind.

To see the kind of “common sense” Warren Bros. builds into its homes, mouse over our “Blueprint for Common Sense.”

Common Sense Construction
Basement Walls

While most contractors specify a 3,000–3,500 Rock Mix in their concrete, Warren Bros. requires a 4,000 Rock Mix. This makes for a considerably stronger foundation/basement wall for very little extra cost. WB also bolts and braces the foundation/basement walls to the home’s floor, preventing them from slowing tilting in over time.

To ensure your basement remains dry, we include a coat of spray-on water proofing to the exterior, “positive draining” around the home, guttering, and drain tiles inside and out to relieve any hydraulic water pressure at the bottom of basement walls.

WB partners with Neal’s Foundation, a subcontractor with the experience gained from building more than 10,000 basements.
Proper Sump Design

WB sets the basement floor elevation with a transit to ensure its sump hole is in the lowest spot. We also install a sewer system floor drain next to the sump hole as a back up system for the sump pump.
Exterior Construction

The strength of the homes overall structure will affect the durability and maintenance of multiple systems. The design, quality craftsmanship and right products in the right areas are a must. WB does NOT skimp on the framing.
House Wrap

Though “green board” meets local codes, a breathable house wrap such as Tyvek allows moisture from humidity to escape while protecting the wall from exterior moisture. The cost difference is minimal to the added insulation and protection value.

We don’t skimp here. Nothing less than a 30-year shingle and 30 lb. felt is used. WB also uses only trained and experienced installers.
Concrete Siding

It’s incredibly durable, resists chipping and fading, adds energy-efficiency value, reduces maintenance costs, and looks good. So it pays for the extra cost quickly.
Insulation Installation

We use trained installers. If it’s not done right, your energy savings are slipping through the cracks. We consider this so important, we double-inspect the work before installing sheet rock.
Dry Wall Screws

WB will only use screws when installing sheet rock, never nails. This eliminates sheet rock nail pops down the road.