Outdoor Living Areas

A Warren Bros. Signature Speciality

outdoor-2outdoor-1Want a home that has a high rating on the “jealous neighbor” scale? At Warren Bros. Quality Homes, we’re experts at creating wonderful outdoor spaces with patios, decks, walkways, walls, BBQ islands, fireplaces, arbors and entryways.

With a little bit of research, we can design and build the outdoor addition that perfectly fits your own personal style and vision. Perhaps you prefer a peaceful setting where the stresses of the day can be melted away. Or you may like to entertain, making an outdoor kitchen and/or bar area the ideal setting for you.

Small and intimate, or large and spacious. Zones for cooking, conversation and relaxation. Warren Bros. can create an outdoor haven that fits your tastes and the available space.

Planning your Outdoor Living Area

There are a few things you’ll want to take into consideration as you plan your outdoor room. Just as you would with your home’s interior, you’ll need to consider architectural style, color harmony, traffic flow, space requirements, comfort, and overall purpose. In addition, an outdoor space has to deal with some unique challenges such as providing for privacy and creating shelter from the sun and wind.

outdoor-3The following is an overview of factors you’ll want to consider when dreaming about an outdoor living area:

  • Determine your space’s size needs. This will largely depend on the types of activities you want to accommodate.
  • Think in terms of zones for cooking, dining, conversation, relaxing.
  • Allow for good traffic flow between zones and into your home.
  • Consider the natural elements such as prevailing winds and sun orientation.
  • How’s the view? Orient seating areas to overlook flowerbeds, water features and other attractive scenery.
  • Keep power and water in mind. Where do you need access points?