Rural Home Design

A Warren Bros. Signature Speciality




Rural homebuilders deal with an entire set of issues and challenges that builders who operate solely in urban areas almost never have to face. Warren Bros. has not only faced these challenges, but mastered them to become a rural home specialist.

Because many home owners desiring the rural life are also desiring much more than a “cookie-cutter” model home, Warren Bros. explores imaginative and radical designs with an eye on rural practicality.

“Positioning the house on your property is a key factor that must be done right,” Dan Warren explains. “The distance a home sets off the road affects the costs for paving a long driveway or personal roads. Dirtwork, gravel and drainage culverts also have to be considered.” Other factors Warren lists as key factors in rural design are: well- or rural-water, sewage systems and the county codes that govern them, energy utilities, blending the home design with its setting, and taking advantage of natural light/heat by utilizing existing land contours and natural features.