"Green" building

A Warren Bros. Signature Speciality

Warren Bros. was a “green” builder before the term was ever coined. We’ve developed and employed many construction processes that help reduce waste of materials. We continuously research the always-evolving “energy-efficient” market of building products such as windows, insulation, HVAC, plumbing fixtures and devices, lighting, and attic ventilation. And our design and construction methods decrease the need for maintenance, reducing the impact maintenance activities have on the environment.

Beyond the health and environmental benefits of a “green” home, many local and state governments, utility companies and other entities offer rebates, tax breaks and other incentives for adding eco-friendly elements to your home.

To learn more about the “green” features Warren Bros. recommends, mouse over our “green house” shown here.

Green Building
Windows and Doors

Dual-glazed windows and insulated exterior doors, all featuring the Energy Star© rating, should be used. All openings constructed to seal tightly to avoid heat gain/loss.
Water Heating System

WB recommends several energy-efficient systems, depending on your needs and budget.
Water Efficiency

WB can design your home to include water-conserving irrigation systems, a rainwater collection and storage system, and water-efficient kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

In addition to the use of energy-efficient lighting fixtures, elements such as light sleeves and glass block can be used to bring daylight to a home’s interior.

High R factor, non-toxic insulation derived from natural products used in walls and roofs helps prevent air leakage.

Use of attic ventilation systems, fans, and other air-movement strategies to introduce plentiful fresh air.

Properly sizing the air-handling system design is vital in heating and air conditioning efficiency. This helps lower humidity in the home living area, achieving the optimum balance of comfort and minimum energy use.
Shading Devices

Simple additions of sunshades, canopies, green screens, patio covers, and of course trees help reduce energy consumption.